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Interested in Posting to the NIHD Job Board?

Job board payment must be submitted online - please click here to complete payment information. Once payment is completed please send your job board posting in a Word document format to Angela Boyle at [email protected]. Your position will be listed on the job board within two business days.

NIHD Job Board Rates:
30 Days $199

60 Days $399
90 Days $599

Positions will be posted within two business days after the receipt of listing with payment. NIHD will discontinue the job postings after the allotted number of days ends unless otherwise notified. NIHD maintains the job board for those wishing to post available positions in clinical expertise and planning into design of healthcare environments.

We are also happy to offer the opportunity for your organization to send a one-time e-mail to our membership (i.e. advertising an event, symposium, conference, etc.) for a fee of $199 - please click here to complete payment information.